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Design: the round and ultra-flat shape of the light make the product ergonomic and suitable for any type of installation, from the doctor’s surgery to the intensive-care unit.

Ergo-Spring: the movement of the articulated tubular arm is servo-assisted by a torsion spring which ensures ease of movement and stability.

105,000 lux: unique performance with 105,000 lux at 50 cm.

Light intensity adjustment: six different adjustment levels by the keys on the front panel.

4,000-4,500 °K Color temperature selection: the comparison between the two colors (K) increases the visibility of details.

Shadow suppression: the radial layout of the lenses and the large-diameter lamp (195 mm) allow shadow suppression and three-dimensional lighting.

Adjustable courtesy-light: integrates ambient light with traditional concentrated light.

Sterilizable removable grip: allows best asepsis.

Cold light: the reduced emission of IR rays by the LEDs as well as the low power consumption allow minimum heat emission.

60,000 hours LEDs life: the top aluminum dome allows heat exchange, thus reducing the work temperature and considerably increasing the life cycle of the single LEDs.

Interchangeable plugs: transformer is integrated into the plug for a lighter and smooth movement of the arm. Supplied with interchangeable plugs (UK, US, EU).

Fully certified: complies with IEC 60601-1 and 60601-1-2 general medical standards and to special standard IEC 60601-2-41 93/42 EEC and 2007/47 EC and is CE marked as a Class I medical device.

Mechanical testing and user safety: die-cast aluminum and tubular steel structure. The articulated arm has undergone mechanical testing for 40,000 continuous movements to ensure maximum safety for the user during use.

Light continuity: the modular design of the LED power circuit ensures light continuity even in case of a LED fault.

The lamp lens has been designed to provide focused and deep lighting.
Lighted field diameter is 16 cm at 0.5 m.

The following functions are controlled by the keys on the membrane keyboard:
- on/off
- selection of the 4,000°K and 4,500°K color temperatures
- 6-level adjustment of the light intensity
- courtesy light

Made in Italy.
Technical Specifications
LED life: >60,000 hours
Light intensity: 105,000 lux at 50 cm, 30,000 lux at 1 m
Color temperature: 4,000-4,500 °K
Color rendering index: 95 Ra
Illuminated field at 50 cm: Ø 150 mm
External diameter of the reflector: 190 mm
Temperature increase in the operating area at 1 m: 1°C
Adjustable height with beavers: 600 mm - max 1,600 mm
Power supply: 80-240V - 50/60 Hz
Electric absorption: 20VA
Weight: 10 kg (trolley included)
Light intensity adjustment: 25-100%

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