List of products by brand Sinocare

  • D-nurse Mobile Glucose Meter


    D-nurse Mobile Glucose Meter

    Blood Glucose Meter for Smartphone; Easy to use, slight pain, more accurate; Automatic graphic curves generation; Small and portable; Cloud storage, remote sharing

  • Gold AQ Plus


    Gold AQ Plus

    LUNULA nanoTM patent blood sample applying technology; 99.99% pure gold electrode test stripWidely HCT test rangeStrong anti-interference

  • iCARE-2100



    Portable Automatic Multi-function Analyzer

    Core Technology-Liquid Phase iPOCT

    ‘Cross-platform’ Innovation
    One instrument, multiple indicators

  • Lipid and Blood Glucose...


    Lipid and Blood Glucose Monitor

    The PalmLab® (Model: SLX-120&SLX-121): Lipid and Blood Glucose Monitoring System is for the quantitative measurement of total cholesterol(TC), high density lipoprotein(HDL) cholesterol, triglycerides(TG), and glucose(GLU). A Chol/HDL ratio and estimated values for low density lipoprotein(LDL) cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol are calculated by the analyzer

  • Safe Accu


    Safe Accu

    FAD-GDH system: It is not easily affected by oxygen molecule in the blood; User-friendly operation system: no coding & automatic test strip ejection

    C6H12O6 + K3Fe(CN)6   FAD-GDH    C6H12O7 + K4Fe(CN)6

  • Safe Accu2


    Safe Accu2

    Green-Yellow-Red light warning; Auto electrode inserting detection; Auto sample loading detection; Affordable;Code free; CE certification

  • Safe AQ Angel


    Safe AQ AngelFAD-GDH monitoring system & Strong anti-interference & Accurately & Professional & Battery power warning.

  • Safe AQ Smart


    Safe AQ Smart

    Fast 5s test time; FDA-GDH monitoring system; SINODRAW patent lancing device; Temperature warning

  • Safe AQ UG


    Safe AQ UG

    The Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitoring System is designed for the quantitative measurement of glucose and uric acid in fresh cap

    illary whole blood samples and in venous whole blood samples. The Safe AQ UG Blood Glucose and Uric Acid Monitoring System is for use outside the body only (in vitro diagnostic use) for self-testing and professional use as an aid in the management of diabetes and hyperuricemia (HUA)

  • Safe AQ Voice


    Safe AQ Voice

    Fast 5s test time & Patent painless lancing device &  Non-interference & Voice reminder & Red-green light warning.