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  • Square Examination...


    Square Examination Stools

    Our square examination stools are available with:

    lacquered frame, Article No. V-1000 or

    chrome-plated frame, Article No. V-2000.

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  • Saddle Seat Examination...


    Saddle Seat Examination Stools

    The saddle seat examination stools are similar to the swivel stools by their gas pressure spring, their aluminum base (Ø 610 mm), and their double braked castors. However, instead of the standard seat, these examination stools feature a black polyurethane-foam, ergonomically shaped saddle seat.

    The advantage over a standard seat, due to the individual adjustment of the pelvic tilt and the associated automatic straightening of the upper body (spine), is that the posture can be optimized and back tension thus be minimized. 

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  • Office Chair B-1000


    Office Chair

    The office chairs are similar to our blood collection chairs. They also feature ergonomically shaped seat and backrest and therefore provide great seating comfort.

    The seat  is continuously adjustable
    in height by gas pressure spring with a hand lever. The backrest is manually adjustable in height and tilt. Both upholstered sections are covered with disinfectant-resistant and easy to clean synthetic leather.


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  • Dialysis Lounge...


    Dialysis Lounge Chair

    Dialysis is a method of removing excess waste products and water from the blood. It is very time consuming and usually takes several hours. This model DLS-1065/E has been specifically designed for dialysis patients.

    This dialysis chair features a foot board for relaxation (calf cramps) and increased upholstery thickness, thereby improving patient comfort as well as a manual switch and an electric motor for the shock position adjustment.

    Thanks to the continuous electric tilt adjustment, which can also be operated by the patient using a hand switch, the dialysis chair can be brought directly from the sitting position into the shock position. Here again, 

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  • Portable massage tables -...


    Portable massage tables - AGA-KOBAFLEX and AGA-MASSAFLEX

    The portable massage tables AGA-KOBAFLEX (KF/C) and AGA-MASSAFLEX (MKG) are widely used for sports massages as well as in the physical therapy practice and for house calls.

    The portable massage tables are available in three different fixed heights (660, 720, 780 mm) to offer a comfortable working position to each therapist. 

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  • AGA-LIFT - Gynaecology...


    AGA-LIFT - Gynaecology Examination Chair

    The AGA-LIFT and the other AGA gynaecology examination chairs stand out by their functionalities.

    The gynaecology examination chairs AGA-LIFT may be equipped with

    Electric pelvic adjustment, height adjustment and backrest adjustment (Article No. GL-1060/EEE),

    Electric pelvic adjustment and height adjustment (Article No. GL-1060/EE). The backrest is adjusted manually with a gas pressure spring. 

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  • Cardiography Tables -...


    Cardiography Tables-

    Echocardiography Tables

    Echocardiography, also called sonography, is known as the examination of the heart using ultrasound as imaging process. Echocardiography has become, next to the ECG (electrocardiogram), one of the most important non-invasive methods for cardiac examination and an indispensable part of any cardiological diagnosis.

    Echocardiography is also a valuable part of the diagnosis process for the general internist and the intensive care professional.

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  • Universal Tables with...


    Universal Tables with Manual Height Adjustment

    To anyone looking for a universal table that only needs to be adjusted in height occasionally, we recommend a universal table with manual height adjustment.

    The operation of the hand crank on this cost-effective height-adjustable table is done from the foot end. After use, the crank handle can simply be pushed back under the tabletop.

    These universal tables are available in three frame finishes (lacquered, chrome, stainless steel), three widths (650, 800, 1000 mm) and headrest adjustment ranges of +40° and -30°/+40°.



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  • XXL Tables for Bariatric...


    XXL Tables for Bariatric Patients

    We have extended our range of universal tables to include products particularly intended for bariatric patients.

    Adiposity (or obesity) is a nutritional and metabolic disease causing patient to be extremely overweight. In addition to safety, these XXL tables provide patients with the necessary comfort during an examination or treatment.

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  • Patient transport tables /...


    Universal tables with castors and side guards - Patient transport tables / Recovery tables

    The universal tables with castors, presented on the previous page, are also available with side guards for safe patient transport. They can therefore also be used as recovery tables.


    The recovery table AWL-1065 is shown in the pictures in a width of 65 cm, with the upholstery colour 'coffee brown' and the frame colour 'light grey' (RAL 7035). The castors (two of them with locking mechanism) have a diameter of 75 mm.

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  • Universal Tables on Castors...


    Universal Tables on Castors / Patient Transport Tables

    The universal tables described on the previous page are also available with castors, as patient transport tables, for example under Article No. U-1065/LR.

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  • Universal tables - U-1065/3


    Universal tables with continuous headrest and leg section adjustment (3-pc tabletop) as well as negative headrest adjustment (2-pc tabletop)

    The universal tables presented on the previous page are also available with a three-piece tabletop (separate leg section adjustment) as well as with negative headrest adjustment.  

    These universal tables are available in: 

    • Three frame finishes (lacquered, chrome, stainless steel), 
    • Three widths (650, 800, 1000 mm) and 
    • Four heights (650, 700, 750, 800 mm).

    They are extremely stable and robust due to reinforced brackets on all frame corners as well as crossbars between both sets of legs.

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  • Children (Pediatric)...


    Children (Pediatric) Examination Tables

    The KU- universal tables have been designed specially for the treatment of children. These children examination tables, with or without castors, are available in: 

    • Three frame finishes (lacquered, chrome, stainless steel), 
    • Two widths (650, 800 mm) and 
    • Four heights (650, 700, 750, 800 mm).
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  • Wall-Mounted Examination...


    Wall-Mounted Examination Tables

    The wall-mounted examination tables  (WKL-) are quick and easy to set up and intended for use in areas where a permanent table is not required or where space is limited.

    They offer the following advantages:

    • Extremely short assembly time
    • Optimal for quick setup
    • Best for rooms with little space
    • High flexibility
    • Superior patient comfort and safety
    • Ergonomic and fatigue-free treatments
    • Comfortable and optimal treatment positions
    • Quality made in Germany.

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  • Reclining Lounge Chair /...


    Reclining Lounge Chair / EEG Chair

    The reclining lounge chair KL-1070/M, ideal for rest and relaxation, also finds its use as EEG chair in the field of electroencephalography (EEG - a method for measuring electrical brain waves for medical diagnostic and neurological research).

    The reclining lounge chair (EEG chair) KL-1070/M is equipped with a user-friendly adjustment mechanism, located underneath the armrests and operated with the durable plastic-coated footrest.

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  • Treatment Tables - ELI-8000


    Treatment Tables

    No practice, therapeutic facility or hospital are conceivable without treatment couches. These can be found in almost every consultation room. Besides, many patients are quick to link the condition and comfort of treatment tables directly  with the quality and competence of the doctor. The tables made by AGA therefore meet the highest standards.

    'Made in Germany' is not just a denomination of origin, but a true quality feature.

    • Sizes: 1900 mm to 1920 mm in length and widths from 620 mm to 800 mm
    • Upholstery : Synthetic leather cover with a thickness of 47 cm to 64 cm.
    • Frame and legs: Lacquered, chrome or stainless steel, depending on the model
    • Numerous accessories available
    • Individual production and customization possible
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  • Universal Examination Units...



    The universal examination unit BUD-6265 includes:

    a universal table - similar ULI-6000  

    a paper roll holder P-3050,

    a three-drawer mobile base unit, similar to HB-580/3

    a swivel stool DH-2000 



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  • Therapeutic Tilt Tables /...


    Therapeutic Tilt Tables / Standing Boards

    The tilt tables/standing boards KT-1080/EE and KT-10100/EE can be used for many different treatment methods. Among other things, they enable the patient to be brought continuously from the shock/lying position to an almost vertical position. These models are particularly suitable for the treatment of neurologically ill as well as head and back injuries or paraplegic patients.

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  • Cardiology Tilt Tables -...


    Cardiology Tilt Tables

    We have extended our range of phlebology tables/tilt tables to models that can also be used in the field of echocardiography, one of the most important technical non-invasive heart examination methods, which has now become an indispensable part of the cardiological diagnosis.

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  • Phlebology Tables and Tilt...



    Phlebology table AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT - 3-piece tabletop

    Our AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT vein treatment tables were specially designed to meet the requirements of the field of phlebology. They are available with a two or three-piece tabletop and 64mm-thick upholstered pads.

    The electric height and tilt adjustments, simple mode of operation and specially-designed accessories help the physician and medical personnel provide swift patient treatment.

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