About us !

After seeing our premises or hearing about us, have you ever wondered what is EURAFSHOP?


EURAFSHOP was born from EURAFTRADE which is a company of commercial representation, sale of medical equipment and service delivery . It was created in Germany in 2006 in the State of Bandenwustenberg in Rheinhausen and today it is growing in Central Africa. On November 24, 2015 it opened in the Republic of Congo.

In order to expand its activities and improve its relationships with its customers and partners, the EURAFTRADE Company launched EURAFSHOP, an e-commerce platform.


Our products

Industrial laboratory equipment

Consumables for the Offshore Industry

First Aid emergency equipment

Consumable and Medical Equipment

Personal protection equipment

Welding equipment for Professionals

Material for Pipeline

Reagent and Test for Hydrocarbon

Diverse spare parts


Hydraulic pumps


Ventilation Hydraulic supply unit

Oil, Paint, Varnish.


Our services

Cleaning, Disinfection, Pest Control, Pest Control, Degreasing, Planning, Installation, Rehabilitation.

We take care of the delivery, installation, servicing, maintenance, and training of personnel in close contact with the Manufacturer, who each time defines the course of action in compliance with the Standards and the quality required in the CE Zone. We have a special advantage of being the same exclusive representative for several companies.



Our head office is located in Pointe-Noire at 12 Av. Jacques Opangault, industrial area of the Fair Republic of Congo.



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