Phlebology/tilt tables and accessories

Phlebology/tilt tables and accessories

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    Phlebology table AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT - 3-piece tabletop

    Our AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT vein treatment tables were specially designed to meet the requirements of the field of phlebology. They are available with a two or three-piece tabletop and 64mm-thick upholstered pads.

    The electric height and tilt adjustments, simple mode of operation and specially-designed accessories help the physician and medical personnel provide swift patient treatment.

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    Phlebology table AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT - 2-piece tabletop

    With its continuous electric height and tilt adjustment (from near vertical +74° to horizontal and even further into the shock position, tilted 20° negative), the two-piece AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT (Article No. VEKO-1060/EE) is a table specifically intended for use in phlebology and dermatology.

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