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    A warm welcome for newborns

    The flexible solution for the delivery room

    The Panda heat module combines advanced technology with innovative temperature control for family-centered care.
    In one configuration, it can be equipped with the complete range of functions for resuscitation and SpO2 monitoring in accordance with clinical standards.
    The warming bed thus offers a complete warming environment with simultaneous monitoring of critical parameters of the newborn.

  • Sophie



    For Optimal Ventilation and Oxygen Saturation at all Times

    The major challenge in non-invasive ventilation (NIV) of newborns and premature infants is the adjustments of ventilation and saturation to the current patient situation in real time. This is exactly what SOPHIE does automatically. Thanks to the latest sensor technology, the device immediately recignizes if ventilation or oxygen absorption changes and adjust therapy parameters accordingly. In addiction, you have the option of activating high-frequency oscillation (HFO) without changing the patient tube system if the child’s situation so requires. At the touch of a single button. Because HFO is included with Sophie as well as a powerful humidification system.




     The latest state of the art for internal transport

    The Giraffe Shuttle is a portable power source as an accessory for the Giraffe and Panda heated beds.

    It is connected to the bed and provides electrical power for the bed and other accessories as well as for medical gas management during internal transfers. With the Giraffe Shuttle, these beds can be used mobile within the hospital. This reduces the risk of clinical problems related to internal transportation as a result of suddenly interrupted heat regulation.
    The infant also does not have to be placed in a transport incubator, which avoids clinical problems from unwanted touching and transferring the patient within the hospital.

  • EVEneo


    NIV/ACV+: Safe and gentle Ventilation with EVE NEO

    Optimal Care for premature Infants – anywhere, anytime

    NIV ventilation enables young patients to breathe on their own at any time, provided they are able to do so. This is how our intensive care respirator EVE NEO works: ventilation automatically adapts to the patient’s spontaneous breathing efforts, ensuring optimal care at all times. Even in non-invasive mode the device adapts to the inhalation and exhalation efforts via an external trigger. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art ventilation and sensor technology. Regardless of whether pressure- or volume-guaranteed ventilation modes are indicated, and whether they are to be used invasively or non-invasively – EVE NEO optimally meets all requirements.

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    HFO: High Frequency Ventilation for the smallest Patients with STEPHANIE

    Diagnostics and Therapy with a single Device

    Is there a respirator for newborns and premature infants with integrated high-frequency oscillation (HFO)? There is actually. It is called STEPHANIE, was designed by Fritz Stephan and combines the functions of a respirator with those of a humidifier and an oscillator in a single device. There is also a monitor. For you, this means that you can perform a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tasks with a single device. This facilitates handling in your daily work routine and helps to ensure that diagnosis and therapy are optimally coordinated at all times. For more patient safety and optimal care.

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    The aEEG-Monitor for neonatal use

    Neuroprotection, minimal handling and individually adjusted care are increasingly important in neonatal intensive care units. With a cerebral function monitor (CFM), also known as EEG, these requirements can be met. Recognize sleep phases, follow brain development or identify possible cramping events with our easy-to-use application.

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  • F120 MOBIL


    Discover the features of the F120 mobil

    F120 mobile not only convinces in neonatological intensive care units, but also during patient transport and emergency situations. Because that’ s what it is best equipped for. Experience it for yourself and discover what the F120 mobile has to offer:

  • Giraffe StaR


    Giraffe StaR
    Life-saving measures practically everywhere

    The Giraffe Stand-Alone Resuscitation System enables you to act quickly and easily for the effective resuscitation of newborns. It is easy to transport and can be set up practically anywhere, from the delivery room to the newborn intensive care unit to the infant ward.